Monday, November 22, 2010

My little helper!

Harrison has reached that age where he wants to help all the time.
Hes actually a pretty good helper!
He loves to help with laundry, it takes a lot longer with a 2 year old, but at least he is happy, and you never know, maybe one day soon he will be able to do it all by himself and save me a job! I'm sure by the time he's actually any good though, the appeal will have worn off ;O)
I hand him the laundry and he will put it in the washing machine, he will then unload the washing machine and put it in the dryer! He will press all the buttons to turn on the machines too. I started letting him do the buttons because they were just too exciting to go in and press when they didn't need to be pressed, so this is a win win, and the excitement of all the buttons will lose its appeal I hope!

Harrison will also help set and clear the table, he will help carry in the (small and light) grocery bags and put things in the bin. Helping is a great way to help him feel useful and to keep him busy when chores need to be done. I love that chores are fun at this age! I hope it lasts, and I am so excited for the day he can push the Hoover around the house!

On another note, Harrison has become "THAT" toddler. Yes, the picky eater! He has never ever ever been a picky eater, but now that time has come. I thought he would bypass the phase, but now. He barely touches his dinner, and will leave his veggies for the yummier stuff on his plate most of the time. If the food doesn't look familiar and is new he is not interested! So we leave him be, and if we is hungry he will eat. It is hard not to make a big deal out of it, but I know that ignoring the issue is the best way for him to understand that whats on his plate is all that's coming, and you'll eat it if your hungry! He still has a healthy appetite for breakfast and lunch, so I try and give him more fruits and veggies then when I know he will eat them. And after dinner we will all have a yogurt so he has something in his tummy before bed.

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