Thursday, November 4, 2010

Allister Milestones.

If you press enter this thing publisher before your ready!

So, Allister is making huge strides all of a sudden...

He's finally figured out the sippy cup, and he loves it!

He is also almost 100% on finger food now. On vacation I bought some store bought baby food, as I ran out of home made. He took about 1/2 a bite and was done! So I started giving him more finger food as I didn't have to make any more then while on holiday. Now the only "mush" he will eat is bananas and yogurt, he's lost his taste for it! Its SO much easier, the mushy baby food stage is hard, trying to find time to make, and feed a little one when our trying to feed yourself and a toddler is too time consuming. He is almost doing the pincer grasp too, wont be long before he has that down! I forgot how messy this phase was though!

Here is Allister just this morning working on crawling, it really will be any minute before he takes off! He rocks, and moves his legs, he just hasn't figured out his arms yet.

Allister is also saying more "words".

No Mama just yet, but we are working on it! Ill get a video soon, he's a chat a box too!

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