Friday, November 26, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010.

We spent this Thanksgiving at home as a family.

Daddy Matt has to work over this holiday because he is really busy in his new job, so the decision to stay home meant no travelling and more rest since Daddy has been working so hard.

Here we are after enjoying our fabulous meal!
Yes I cooked so I am biased ;o)

Uncle Jason joined us for our feast, Harrison enjoyed raving with him, and called him Uncle Greg most of the night!

Allister couldn't figure out the beard.

But also enjoyed a dance!
Happy first Thanksgiving Allister!

Almost a great photo, but my stupid camera is too slow I missed it. Oh well, Christmas is coming!

I did turkey, it turned out perfect! Juicy and yummy, and I am now making a yummy turkey soup with the left overs!
It smells good mmmmmmmm

We had banofee pie instead of a traditional thanksgiving desert.
I had to throw a bit of Sussex in didn't I!

And cupcakes too, which I am yet to try, we are saving them for Grammy and Pooh-bah!
Although Harrison ate two, well he licked the icing off two and didn't touch his dinner.
Remind to not display the dessert before the meal next time.

There's too many things I am thankful for to list.
I complain sometimes, but I live a life many people would dream of.
Including myself 20 some years ago.
Two beautiful healthy kids, a wonderful hardworking and loving husband, a nice roof over our heads. We want for nothing, and that's what I am thankful for.
Happy Thanksgiving!

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