Sunday, November 10, 2013


Harrison is really getting into crafts and drawing since starting Kindergarten. Its a fun time :O)
We've been drawing, making paper chain people, painting and making bead jewelry.
Here is a recent picture, Harrison still likes to draw tadpole people, the large personality shown here is a boy in Harrisons class. We have been having a few problems with this particular boy, so he will remain nameless, but he is having a hard time making the right choices.
I thought this picture was very telling showing how large a life this kid is, and his huge hands ands arms outstretched, thee little faceless figure to the right is Harrison.
Harrison wanted to make Bella in his class a necklace.
Allister decided to join the fun.
This is the necklace he gave to Bella.
Here are a lot of the kids in Harrisons class at Justin's birthday party.
The boys are really into games right now, its a lot of fun!
We play sorry, Stay Alive, and lots more.
Harrison is doing a great job with learning to read.
Last night he read us a story at bed time!
Im so proud of him :O)

Allister is all into Toy Story right now!


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