Thursday, January 27, 2011

sick house.

As I write this I can hear little Allister in his room coughing while he is asleep.
Yesterday he vomited while napping in the morning, and fell asleep back in it.
He is back on his inhaler, as needed.
This house has had nothing but colds and coughs since before Christmas, with the MDO and the gym daycare, I guess its to be expected, and if anything good can come from it, its the fact that the boys must be getting great immunity for the future!
On my birthday weekend we were due to go to Cincinnati on Friday after Harrison finished school. We got a call at 10:30am to come pick him up as he wasn't feeling well. In fact he cried and clung to me that morning for the first time ever.
So he had a slight fever, but otherwise seemed fine. We packed up the car and headed (via some shoe shopping!) to Cinci.
20 minutes in, he threw up. Spectacularly!
Anyone who has ever cleaned up vomit from a car seat knows that its hard.
Its especially hard to not get it all over yourself.
So, we got Harrison out of the car, stripped him down, changed his clothes, and wiped down the car seat as best we could.
And we drove home, he spent the next 3 days on the couch with a 102F fever, and a bad cold.
I spent the weekend cleaning the car seat and unpacking!

I am hoping that we are done with the illnesses before long, I think we are on our 3rd and 4th since December. Apparently 2 years olds get 8 a year on average, I guess we are getting all our 8 in one spurt and we will be cold free for the rest of the year!

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