Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Allister turns 10 months.

I know it was a while ago, but Allister turned 10 months old on January 9th.
At our last doctors visit he was 23 1/2lb.
He is into everything, so much so he may as well be walking! His favorite things to get into right now are...
The dog bowls, both food and water. Harrison was the same at this age, turn your back for one second and splash splash splash.
The fireplace- He can actually climb up onto the fireplace hearth (?) which is over a foot tall and then gets stuck as he hasn't figured out how to get down, ill post a video! The thing is Harrison was a big climber, but even he hadn't figured that one out!
Everything in the kitchen.
The computer.
Harrison's things!
The remote control.
Any iPhone.
The TV, DVD, satellite.

Allister's Justin Bieber look.


Those eyes are turning all sorts of colours right now!

He's a real charmer and is happy 99% of the time.

Although he has reached that frustrating age where HE knows what he wants, and gets very frustrated when he cant get it, or you wont give it to him!
Then he pulls this face :(

but at least after MANY MANY sleepless nights, he finally got his top two teeth, and now sleeps like a dream! Yay! And by that I mean from bedtime till 5:30 or 6:30.
See them here...

He can stand alone for a while now, and looks so proud of himself.
He still wont walk, even though I think he could. He may have taken one step the other day, but it was hard to tell, so it doesn't count!
He can clap, do hi-five, do "Touch Down" and put his hands in the air.
He signs "more", sometimes.
He HATES to eat anything that's considered baby food, if you have it, he wants it and will scream until he has it.
He will blow- Yeah I know! I know 3 year olds who cant blow out their candles, and this little guy will blow right back at ya. He can even whistle sometimes!
If you tap his tummy he will copy you and do it too.
He says, Mama, Dada and No. Auntie Jules did a good job of teaching him no, and a big old head shake too! Great :)
I think he said Woof Woof the other day too.
I think he is teething again, he is waking up from naps crying.
He recently got a nasty bout of Bronchiolitis :(
He had to have a breathing treatment and an inhaler, thankfully Grammy and Pooh-Bah were able to come help out while Daddy was away!
He is wearing all 18 moths cloths now, some are a little roomy still.
I think that's all?

He really is a charmer, we heart him :)

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