Saturday, January 22, 2011

From Toddler to Boy

Every time I glance at Harrison he seems to grow, in size and maturity. He has turned from Toddler to boy, and its amazing to watch the transformation.
He is speaking in paragraphs, and we have full length conversations.
He will tell you all about his day, his wants and needs.
He has a very strong will and is testing the boundaries right now, but not with tantrums, with negotiation and demands! Kind of like a hostage situation :)
He is already in 4T everything, and now a size 11 shoe. He will be in big boy shoes soon!
He dreams and day dreams, there is often an elephant of two in his room, and sometimes you'll see him day dreaming and grinning from ear to ear and mumbling and chuckling to himself!
He can navigate an iPhone and YouTube like a teen.
He doesn't much like the dark anymore, and now his imagination has gone wild, he gets scared so much more easily! He wont enter the bathroom or the playroom without the light on.
He goes for rides in his "Thomas Train". We go to the zoo and the beach, and he will tell you all about the animals he sees, and some made up ones too! Things are often called "Scary!"
His potty training took a back step when he broke his collar bone, and he started having a few more accidents. But we stuck with it, and now he isn't having them. I guess its to be expected when you train early, but I am glad I did it then, because now Allister is on the move, and into everything its hard to spend any time in the loo with Harrison, because Allister wants to get into the toilet, sink, loo roll, you name it! It would be pretty much impossible to have a potty around the house now.
He loves school, and the Gym day care. He wants to go all the time so he can play with other kids. He will love when Allister is a little older and they can play more easily together.
The other day he asked if Santa could come again, and I asked what he wanted, he said "Boys and Girls!" So cute.
His memory is scary and awesome! You can't make promises and not follow through any more, he remembers everything!
He is a loving, fun, and cheeky two-and-a -half year old, and we love him more than we could ever have imagined.

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