Saturday, October 24, 2009

Poor Harrison.

Harrison decided he wanted a gruesome scar ready for Halloween!
Well, it didn't end up too gruesome, but it was close enough for our liking!

Daddy was stretching on the living with a big drink of water, when Harrison decided he wanted some.
He ran off with the cup and tripped, when he fell his head landed on the rim, the cut was pretty deep and bled lots! I was on Skype to Auntie Julie at the time, so she had a nice scare when I ran off saying Harrison was bleeding!
We put lots of pressure on it and it slowed the bleeding down quickly, then we went to our local ER which is only a 5 minute car ride. They glued him back together nicely, thankfully being such a clean cut they didn't do stitches.
They said it shouldn't scar too bad, we hope not! But what boy doesn't have a scar on his chin or forehead?
The photo was taken after being glued back together and all cleaned up!
He was a very brave little boy.

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Jules said...

yes, Auntie Julie was very worried hearing him cry and not seeing what had happened :o(