Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Harrisons 6 month Appointment.

So, we went to the Doctors at 4.30. I wont be going that late again, it was full of kids and the after school crowd! Lesson learned.

He did GREAT! He had 3 shots including a flue shot, and some polio stuff. He cried so briefly it was over and done within seconds. The nurse was super quick! I also think it helped that today was a good nap day. More on that later....

So Harrison's Stats:
Weight: 16lb 12oz 30%
Height: 271/2 inches 85%
Head: 43.6cm 50%

Harrison is still long and skinny like his dad! The Doctor said he is burning lots of calories as he is starting to get more mobile, and once the solids increase he will start filling out again.

So, more on the naps...
My days now fall into two categories, "Good nap day" and "Bad nap day".
A good nap day means Harrison has a 9am, 12noon and 3pm nap. He needs his sleep he is super grumpy without it, just like me ;-)
We never (well other than once last week!) have a a problem with the 9am nap, he has a bath, gets dressed and down he goes down, no fuss! We seldom have a problem with night time either, straight to bed at least 90% of the time. But sometimes he just wont go down for his other naps, even though i know his tired. So we are reading Good Night Moon before every nap, and it seems to be sinking in that Story = Sleep. Its all about routine!

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Jon and Christy said...

Harrison is definitely built like his daddy! Jonathan was 16lbs 2oz at 2 months! Luckily he's thinned out some :-)