Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Easter fun

We had a great time over Easter weekend.
We attempted to take some new family photos, some turned out nice.

I made the boys Easter Baskets.
As usual Harrison shook with excitement at his, I'll try and post the video later.

Grammy and Pooh-Bah did an Easter egg hunt, Harrison, Jeffrey and Gracy had a lot of fun!

Allister got to meet his great-Mimi.

We also went to the Cincinnati Reds opening game.

It was the first Reds game for Harrison and Allister, and they were both such good boys! We managed to stay the whole game and didn't have any tantrums, even though Harrison missed his nap. It was perfect weather and lots of fun, even though the Reds didn't win.

We even caught the opening day parade, which Harrison loved.

Such a fun few days.

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