Friday, June 10, 2011

Doctors well checks.

Harrison and Allister went to the doctors today for their well check ups. Harrison's 3 year, and Allister's 15 month.

They are both doing great! Doing everything they should, and some things they shouldn't ;)

Height 40" (3ft4") Greater than 97th percentile- I had him at home at 41" and he was tilting his head a little today at the docs, so he may be in between.
Weight 40.4lb 95th Percentile.
Blood pressure 76/46 which is the first time he has had this taken!

BMI was fine, he is the average size of a 4 year old, the doctor said they have a saying 4 year old and 40 inches. No wonder I get looks when I say he is 2, although I cant say that much older so I will lose the shock value lol ;)
Harrison has been doing summer school a few days, he loves it! Its so much fun for him. This week they have been playing zoo's, each kid has a pretend zoo map, and they made their own binoculars -or noculas as Harrison says. He came home and rummaged around for a map, and proceeded to hunt the house height and low for animals! So cute :) He is so into make believe right now, he will make up stories and tell you them at night time. They sound allot like the ones we tell him. He is the youngest in his summer camp class, but the tallest. They put him in a class with older kids because of several reasons. He is so big that when he roughhouses with the boys he tends to be a little too rough because he is so much bigger than them! Also because he is potty trained its better for him to be in a class where they all go potty, not just him and the little guys!
I feel like he is much better suited to the older kiddies, he seems to have a lot more in common with them.

Allister also did great on his check!

Height 32 1/2" 85 percentile
weight 26.6lb 80th percentile.

He is exactly the same weight Harrison was at 15months old, but a tiny bit shorter.
He is doing great, using his words and signs! He's is walking well and adorable- Her words not mine :)


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