Sunday, December 4, 2011

10 surprising things about NYC.

We're in NYC right now for our 5 year wedding anniversary. More on that later, right, now just this.

  1. I love NYC and I feel at home there.......but...
  2. I am allergic to NYC  cabs and can't ride in one without needed to throw up. They make me so nauseous!  Urgh. 
  3. I'm also allergic to NYC air, allergies are crazy here. 
  4. My hair Is also doesn't like NYC and is a frizzy, static-ee mess. 
  5. I've realized that even though I love NYC It doesn't agree with most of me!
  6. I miss the availability of good multi-cultural food. 
  7. It's huge. Like humongous huge. 
  8. Every second person is from England. No exaggeration. Like half the people are from England. 
  9. There is a lot of money in NYC. 
  10. There is a hot dog stand on every corner. And I mean  EVERY corner. And they don't just sell hotdogs. 


Jenni said...

Wow! Interesting. Sorry your body isn't taking to NYC very much. So do you have tons of convo's with the other English you're meeting? :) Are you back yet, or still there?

Claire said...

We got back Sunday evening. It was such fun! I didn't talk to the English people because they were mostly tourists, it was pretty obvious lol.