Friday, May 11, 2012

Fat pig to Flying Pig.

Remember this?

That was me 8 months pregnant with Harrison in May 2008. Swollen and very VERY big! I went to support Matt while he ran the Cincinnati Flying Pig Marathon.
Never in a million years did I think that I too would be running, just 4 years later.

But I did it!
It all started in a whim. About 6 months or so ago. Some ladies who I knew only from an online chat room told me they were running the pig. Being new to running I was all interested, then they said "hay you could do it too! ". It all started out as a bit of a joke. But as I got more and more into running it started to seem doable. The turning point was when I could comfortably run 6 miles in 60 minutes and not feel like I'd died. So what the hell, I thought. I'll do it!
And so I trained, and ran my first half marathon.
I met up with Tammy and we hit it off. She ran slower than her usual pace to keep me company the whole way. Along with Matt, who, due to an injury also ran with us.
Who knew that a race could be that much fun? And there was not one point I walked, even the hills I ran. Although the water stations were kind of crowded so you had to walk a little.
Thes daren't in any particular order.

The T-Shirt you get for signing up to run.

Looking happy! These photos are stolen from Go check them out if you like, I will be purchasing these so they lose the copywright printing.

The 3 of as after the race, I'm on a high!

During the race, the only picture of us 3.

My results. Pretty good for a first I think! I actually ended up running 10 minute miles, because due to the crowds and not running tangents you run a lot further than 13.1 miles. I think I ran like 13.35 or something.

Top 1/3.
Cute medal, front and back.

Happy to be with my boys after the race. And sitting down!

I can't wait to do it all again! The Pig was the perfect first half Marathon. There was crowd support the whole way, the goodies are awesome, the weather was great. The hills were not.

I think I got the bug.

Hope to see another half marathon from me in the fall :)


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