Monday, March 25, 2013

Allister's 3 year check

Allister had his 3 year well check up last week.

He's a tall boy just like his brother, being only a tad shorter, and a little lighter

39 3/4 " tall

36lb 4 oz weight

He's doing everything he should be and more, a chatter -box and an adorable little boy!

He loves to play with his big brother, here he is with some Play Mobiles :)
They both love to play on the PlayStation on weekends.

He loves DressUp!

And being silly.

His favorite colour is currently pink.

He loves chocolate milk and PBJ.

He still likes to climb in bed with mummy and daddy most nights.

He will be starting in the Dublin Peer program in september, 4 mornings a week.

We love him so much!


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