Friday, May 17, 2013

Update in Photos!

Im way WAY behind on blogs so heres some pictures to wet your Blake Boy appetite!


Harrison still loves to dress up, here he is a SpiderMan and Link (from Zelda) with binoculars of course.

Playing with Henry.

Allister is getting big! He's such a cutie-pie but he has such a temper- its cute and pretty funny to see this mild mannered kid go from calm to temper so suddenly!

Allister loves his teddies- Right now he has 5 that go all round the house with him and he sleeps with.

Duckie, Doggie, Teddy, Pengu and Mickey.

He was being Indiana Jones here.

Both boys bot the all clear at the dentist!

Harrison is getting the hang of coloring and drawing!


Harrison is now wearing a size 8 clothes and size 2 shoes. Yes he is still 4!

He has a big appetite, and im lucky he likes to eat healthy!

He finished off this turkey and cucumber sandwich with half a bag of chips and half a cookie.

Hes 4ft1" and 62lb or so.

One of the many visits to the Zoo!

Spring finally sprung after a VERY long cold winter.

Basketball finished!

Another drawing.

Allister loves his artwork too!

Guinness had some walks....

Harrison played in some mud.....

We went to the Reds Opening Day Parade and Daddy and Harrison went to the game with Grammy and Pooh-Bah.




We celebrated Easter!


and Dyed Eggs.

We are preparing for Baseball season! First game tomorrow!


We snuggled lots.

Played with friends at Cosi.

Became big Helpers!

Got new shoes! Allister is a 10 1/2.

We are about to break up from school for summer! I hope to get all caught up on blogs in the next few weeks :)

Stay tuned!



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