Thursday, June 9, 2016

Last day of School!

We had a fab' year, and we are SO ready for summer!

First day Kindergarten 2015
Last day Kindergarten June 2016

At Landels they celebrate Kindergarten with a Graduation breakfast, which is super sweet.

Waiting in line for his special breakfast.
Allister and his teacher Mrs Timmins

Allister and his best friends Thaddeus and Alex

Allister had a great time in Kindergarten this year, he learned so much, he is now reading everything!
We are really looking forward to first grade and what it holds for this smart little boy!
Harrison and his 2nd Grade teacher Mrs K.

Harrison at the end of 1st grade and 2nd grade

Harrison has had an AMAZING year in second grade.  It started off a little rough, we were not sure if Mrs K was going to be a good fit, but she ended up being perfect! Harrison has matured a lot since the beginning of the year, his grades have flourished and are now showing how hard he works.
His grades have gone up and up and up and he is now above grade level in math and reading! We are super proud of him :)

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