Monday, November 2, 2009

Its a ...

And BOY are we excited!
I always thought I wanted another girl, but I couldn't be happier, Harrison is such a joy and brings us so much love and delight its hard to want anything other than more of the same :0)

Harrison is going to have so much fun as a big brother.

Here are some photos of today's scan.
Some are very random, and only a pro will understand some of these shades of grey!
The first ones easy and my favorite, baby Blake's profile!
He has a different head shape to Harrison even at this early stage.

This is the legs bent at the knee with the bum on the left and the foot tucked underneath.

This is the scary one with the face straight on. I always think they look like a ghost when they do this because you just see eye sockets!

This is a foot, the side on and face down. The heel to the right and toes to the left.

Here are the boy bits! Another unabashful (Is that a word?) baby ;O)
Oh and it may look bigger than the real deal because the umbilical cord is poking out right above the boy bits.
There are some more pics but the just get more obscure, like bones and stuff!
The Doctor said baby Blake looks GREAT! He was 14oz and everything looked just as it should.
They check for lots of things at this point in the pregnancy, cleft lip and palette, count fingers and toes, they listen to the heart and check all 4 chambers for blood flow. They also look at the brain development, lungs, kidneys, stomach bladder the works!
In fact our doctor was such a pro he showed us baby's epiglottis and thyroid! Imagine how tiny an epiglottis is on a 14oz baby!

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