Thursday, November 19, 2009

Harrison pooped on the potty!

Yay! We haven't been potty training, but because I have been ill with a bad cold I have been unable to detect poop smell coming from any direction! So yesterday Harrison must have sat in his poop for a while, because he was very sore and very red :( Bad mummy!
Because of this we had bare bum time today, and I sat Harrison on the potty after lunch, the big toilet with a potty seat on it. And he pooped! I said poop on the potty, and he did, I am so proud bless him. Now when I thought he was done we got him up and he squatted and pooped and peed on the floor he he he. But never mind that, it was still easier to clean up than a poopy nappy and a sore bum!
I have been thinking about starting potty training about now, he will be 18 months at Christmas so I thought we would try for a week and see how ready he is. This makes me think he is more ready than i thought, but potty training is such a process I totally get why people wait so long.

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