Friday, January 15, 2010

The good the bad and the ugly~ A pregnancy update.

The Good.
I have a wonderful baby boy bouncing around inside me! And boy do I feel him, I think its an octopus! So far this pregnancy has been a lot easier than with Harrison, losing some extra weight before I got pregnant I am sure has helped. Even though I am huge, at 30 weeks my heartburn is barely there, my hips don't hurt and I'm as comfortable as someone with a 20lb bowling strapped to her tummy can be.
The Bad.
I am currently measuring 6 weeks bigger than I should be. For those who are not informed on all things pregnancy, your fundal height is the measurement from your pubic bone to the top of your uterus. After week 20 you have this measured at every doctors appointment, in a normal pregnancy this measurement is the same in centimeters as it is in weeks. So at my 28 week appointment I should have measured 28cm. I measured 34cm. Being within 2cm is considered normal- being 6cm larger is not! I had 10 weeks of growth in 4 weeks, no wonder I feel/am huge! My doctor thinks I have excess amniotic fluid, which in most situations has no cause, it just happens. It can cause some complications, pre-term delivery, umbilical cord problems, breach or unusual presentation of the baby-thus a higher risk of C section. All of these things are not good, but the main thing is the baby is fine and it shouldn't cause him any problems. In very rare cases it can mean there is a problem with the babies kidneys or swallowing mechanism somewhere, but because I have already had 2 level 2 ultrasounds this is very unlikely.
We have an Ultrasound scheduled soon to check everything is going ok, and if I still have too much amniotic fluid, as apparently it can correct itself. We have a lot of questions for the doctor so I am anxious to see her!
I have also been tested for Gestational Diabetes. My results came back boarder line, but negative, which is great. I have to avoid sweets and sugary foods and eat more often with more protein. I am sure feeling a lot better since I started doing this! With a boarder line test however it does mean I may still get GD later this pregnancy.
The Ugly.
My belly! Its HUGE! When people ask me when i am due, or how long I have and I tell them 10 weeks I get a very strange "you have to be joking" look! I am about as big in the belly now as I was with Harrison when I delivered. It is not very comfortable, I just hope I don't have to grow another 10cm. My clothes are all getting too short over my tummy, if you look closely you will see.

In all seriousness, even though I am huge, and its getting difficult to do day to day things like put on shoes and chase around after Harrison, its truly a joy to be pregnant.
And I would rather have a big ol'belly than the swelling I had last time!
I just wish pregnancy was easier and plain sailing like it seems to be for some people. Having said that, Ive not met one lady yet who said pregnancy was easy, so maybe they don't really exist!
Please keep our baby boy in your thoughts and prayers.

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