Thursday, January 28, 2010

Ice Cream is my Saviour!

I have now met with the GD nurse and Dietitian, and things are going fairly well so far. The diet is really not that hard to follow, but I miss my chocolate!
My Meal plan goes like this.....
Breakfast: 3 servings-45g carbs with protein
Snack: 1 serving- 15g carbs
Lunch: 3 servings-45g carbs with protein
Snack: 1 serving- 15g
Dinner: 4 servings-60g carbs with protein
Snack: 1 serving- 15g carbs with protein
A serving of carbs is 15g about a slice of toast, a small serving of fruit, 1/3 cup cooked rice, 3 oz potato etc. I can eat as many non starchy veg and salad as I want.
So I can eat pretty much all day, I often have to eat when I am not hungry at all, and then cant eat when I am hungry! I take my blood sugar 4 times a day, once upon waking and then two hours after each meal. I have sore fingers!
My morning blood sugar levels should be between 65-95 and 2 hours after each meal needs to be under 120. I am only struggling with my evening and morning numbers so far, the day works out easy! I'm used to having a larger evening meal, so its hard to cut back, and eating a snack right before bed (unless its chocolate!) is the last thing I want to do!
I cant eat anything too sugary, like chocolate, candy or juice, but I can eat ice cream! Just a tiny scoop, Ive been eating it most nights before bed with nuts for protein yum!!!
A typical days food is something like this.....
Breakfast: 2 slices wholegrain toast with egg or turkey bacon and a cup of milk.
Snack: cereal bar or apple with cheese
Lunch: Sandwich with ham/turkey and cheese, with salad or fruit or chips(crisps)
Snack: Apple or crackers and cheese/ham
Dinner: BIG salad or pile of veggies to fill me up with pasta and meat sauce, or rice and chicken.
Snack: Ice cream and nuts!!!!
Its really not that hard, and I haven't gained an ounce since I started this diet, so I am hoping that means baby brother has slowed down to a normal weight gain. I have to test for ketones each morning, its a sign I'm not eating enough and therefore burning fat for fuel and that can be bad for the baby. I keep a food and blood glucose diary to so I know what foods I react to. Potatoes are BAD!!!!! Did you know that potatoes have a higher effect on blood sugar than actual sugar, in fact the only thing higher on the glycemic index is pure glucola! In fact, during my research I found that there is a link between eating too many potatoes and type 2 diabetes. I also never realised that carbs can be just as bad for your diet as sugar, i never thought I ate much sugary foods, but to my body carbs are just the same, especially those white ones. As I now have a 60% greater chance of getting type 2 diabetes within 10 yrs there's a big motivation keep carbs to a sensible amount.

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