Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Potty training....

I have been reluctant to post anything about potty training, too much pressure! Too many opinions, including my own!
Anyway, everyone nowadays talks about "readiness" - the signs your little one should show before you should consider training them to use the big boy toilet.
We have been talking about using the potty for a while with Harrison, and we sit him on it now and then. The last few days he has started to come and tell me "stinky poopers". I check and he is clean, then within the next 30 minutes or so, he has one. So Ive been getting him to sit on the potty, but he wouldn't poop. As soon as he gets the feeling of wanting to go he gets off. I guess it feels weird right! But then BAM he goes, normally on the floor right by the potty!
Anyway, today he did it on the potty!
What a celebration we had!
I guess he is about ready to leave the diapers behind..............watch this space.

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