Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A visit from Granddad.

I'm finally blogging about our wonderful visit from Granddad Fisk!
The last time he came to visit was before I was pregnant with Harrison, so it had been way too long.
Matt took the week off work, and we got up to loads of fun stuff, which mostly involved Harrison.

There was lots of giggles.....

and cuddling with the boys.....

and tickley mustache kisses!

We took Harrison swimming, he loved it! He went down the small slide about 100 times, and did great in his IronMan floaty suit!

There were more tickley kisses.......

and more cuddles!

We went to the zoo. The tigers were really frisky that day!

The new polar bear exhibit just opened and it was awesome.
They have a tunnel where you can watch them swim under water. Although they decided they didn't want to swim that day.

The big boys went to the Air force museum in Dayton.

Harrison repeated these 3 sentences....
"Zoom Zoom, Airplanes!"
"Oh my Gosh!"

Harrison played outside in the sand allot, we had good weather!

We had a picnic at the park.

And we went to Cosi kids science museum.
It was awesome!

Allister wasn't impressed with the museum,
but they did have the nicest nursing room I've seen!

Inside a stomach!

Reading the news!

We played with Wall-E bubbles.

And basically had a lot of fun!
Granddad even hung curtains and replaced our waste disposal unit!

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