Thursday, February 3, 2011

Ice Storm 2010

There was a massive storm across the USA this last week. Some places were due 20 or more inches of snow, we just got ice. Freezing rain is probably something I had never heard of till I moved to the States. Its either, snow, rain or Hail right?
Well no, freezing rain falls as rain, and then lands as ice as soon as it touches something. Your car, the road, house, trees, everything. I have no idea why it doesn't fall as ice, but there you go!
It lands on trees and power lines, and gets so heavy they can snap, but its very pretty!
We were lucky enough to escape a power out, but many people in Ohio (150k I think) did lose power.
Here are some photos and a little video.

In the photo below everything looks shiny and wet, its not wet its Ice!
Yes that's the road that's shiny with 1/2 inch of ice.
And those tree branches are pretty much touching the ground, they are normally 7ft off the ground. That's a guess, but we can walk under those branches I know that!

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