Friday, February 4, 2011

Toddler OCD.

I have always been told Toddlers, especially two-year-olds, have OCD.
They like things just so.
In order, neat, tidy.
They like to do EVERYTHING themselves.
Well, Harrison has just never been like that, he was a chaos boy.
Chaos with a capital C.
All of a sudden things have changed, he has to do everything himself.
And likes everything just so.
You cant undress him, fetch anything for him, close a door even, without him demanding he does it! Because, of course, only HE knows how to do it right.
And if you should even DARE to close that door, let the tantrum begin!
Because of course only HE knows how to close a door just so.
You cant undress him, put something in the trash, or anything right now.
Its pretty funny.

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