Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Birthday Boy :)

Happy First Birthday Allister!
Can you believe he is one already, that year seriously flew by. We had a first birthday party for our little guy on Saturday, here are the photos.

These are not from the party, but I thought he looked so cheeky here :)

We had a monkey theme, because, well He is our little monkey! And he sure does climb like one....
This Monkey picture is from his First Birthday shirt he wore all day, I took a photo of it and photo shopped it for all our decorations!

The invitation.

Goodie bags.

Cake table.

Our awesome cake. The cake place did such a good job of matching the design! I was so happy :)

Allister's smash cake.

Is THAT all for ME!?

Hmmm lets give that a try....

Mmmm I think I like it!

But I need to give it another try.

Yup! I like it :)

Seriously smashed.

They all love balloons.

Hey, where did it go!
See how much he is walking now, he figured it out and just took off!

Playing with his friends, this is Max.

And Connor too.

Fun with Music!

this ramp has been a big hit, Harrison has decided its his.

Daddy Matt got to open some gifts too, Grammy painted him a great painting of Allister.

Me and my boys.

So what is Allister ups to now he is one?
He is now walking, pretty much all the time.
His words so far are...

More- Sounds more like Naaa- He signs this all the time too.
Woof Woof for Doggie
Oooh Ooh Oooh for Monkey
Mooooo for Cow.

He high fives and claps.

He sleeps good now! A good 11 or 12 hours a night.

He has 2 naps a day still.

He has 7 teeth, and is cutting 3.

He loves to play with Buzz Light-year, because Harrison does!

He is the cutest happiest baby, still. He is always giggling, or screeching, I forgot he like to do that too :) Its the only way to get any attention round here! His eyes change colour daily, right now they are a greenish brownish blue, so I guess Hazel is the right word!

We have his one year well check on Friday, I will let you know how it goes!

Happy Birthday Allister, we love you!

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