Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The other birthday boy :)

So Daddy Matt turned 30 last week! Yup, he finally joined the Dirty Thirties.
Unfortunately I got some kind of stomach bug early the morning of his birthday, and ended up throwing up all over his fun :(
He still ended up having a pretty good day, after taking Harrison to school he ran, then the two big boys went to watch the new Johnny Depp Movie- Rango. Harrison loves to go to the movies and is pretty good now! They shared (when Harrison would let him!) some popcorn, and then came home for naps and video games.
Matt ordered a Pizza for dinner while I concentrated on not smelling it.
Here he is opening some gifts!

Thankfully I was well enough for our Birthday Date on Saturday and we went to a fancy pants restaurant.
Happy birthday babe!
Love you x

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