Saturday, February 11, 2012

Allister update.

 Our little baby is not quite a baby anymore!

Here's a little update on him. 

He's a proper little chatterbox just like his big brother. He's using so many worlds we've lost count; 3 and 4 word sentences are the norm. 5 and 6 word sentences are happening more and more often. Its truly amazing to be able to hold a conversation with a not even 2 year old and it's such a wonderful thing! An example of some of his sentences-

 "Cat fall down mummy!"

"Guinness eat it food mummy." 

He is so cheeky and happy, but the terrible twos are definitely starting to creep in! Luckily you find a lot more humor in the stroppiness and tantrums second time round. He has this "shy" look and this "naughty" look that are adorable. I'll catch them on camera for you! He is a pro at throwing himself on the floor when you say now. And screaming. 

He idolizes his big brother. They play together so sweetly now its heart warming. Allister will copy his brother all the time, and no longer wants to use his booster seat, always use a knife and fork, says "I don't like that" and "my turn!" just like a 3 year old. 

His favorite toys and shows are now Peter Pan and anything pirate related. Toy Story is  so last year you know.  Lol. Not really, he still loves Woody and Buzz and will watch Toy Story. He also loves The Incredlibles movie. 

He is not a picky eater! I'm so glad, I am not sure I would deal well with that. And even though he exclaims "don't like that" it's just a copy cat move. He eats pretty much anything, just like his brother. Even Chilli!


 It's probably time to potty train. Urgh. 

We still talk a lot about the potty, and making it in time. He pretty much grew up watching Harrison learn how to use the toilet. And because of Harrison's busy bee nature, he still has accidents. So making it to the potty in time is a common subject round these parts. I guess that spured the his requests to sit on the potty. He will sit, and actually pee on command. So he knows how to hold it, and go when he needs. He can talk, so therefore express the need to go, so there's not really any reason not to! I'll keep you posted. He will start Pre-school (play group, nursery school, whatever you call it in England!) in Septemeber and be 2 1/2 then so I think it would be great to have both boys out on nappys by then!

 He will be 2 next month! They'll be a party on the weekend on March 9th, I'll let you know when soon. We will be keeping it simple this year, because in future there won't be so much opportunity to! With the boys having more and more say in there big day. I'll soon have a 2 and a 3 year old. Wow!

Allister gives the sweetest kisses. That's when he's not trying to lick you. Or bite you. 

He loves super heroes, star wars, cuddly toys, bananas  and sleeping in mummy and daddies bed. We will work on that last one sometime soon!

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