Wednesday, February 29, 2012


We finally had our appointments with the Allergy and Asthma doctor today and it was very informative!
We had a consultation with our new wonderful doctor- who came highly recommended! And went through the boys history. Then we had allergy testing. This is standard for asthma sufferers as allergies can set of asthma so it's important to be aware of any reactions. That way we can help the asthma by avoiding or treating the allergies.
They do this with a number of tiny pin pricks on the back, see the inflamed dot on the lower left as you look? That's the "control" histamine test so therefore there is a reaction. All the other actions were very mild, and we're gone within the time frame, and therefore both boys were given the all clear on allergies! That's good news for them and Guinness :)


Needless to say the boys did not enjoy the procedure! But handled it so very well. I hated it and wanted to cry! It was over very very quick, they have these little gadgets with like 8 needles in so they get the whole lot done and over with very quick.

Because the boys mainly have asthma symptoms in the winter we are not going to start new treatments right now. Both boys have rescue inhalers as needed, and both have tried singulair. Harrison suffers a little with activity induced coughing, so if this continues throughout the warmer seasons we will get him some preventative care. The same for Allister. But nothing right now.

Here are some things we learned about asthma:

You never grow out of asthma. People who have asthma as a child, always have it. It's just that as your airways grow and your lungs mature, the symptoms tend to be less bothersome, or go completely. It is common for people who think they had "childhood asthma" to suffer with coughs and wheezing occasionally As adults and not Realise it's their asthma.

If left untreated asthma in children can lead to complications and reduction in lung function later in life. The peak of lung function is around 30, after that age the function declines. If childhood asthma is not controlled the peak is lower therefore the decline later in life is also lower.

Coughing can be the only symptom of asthma. Wheezing isn't always noticeable.

Croup is a symptom of Asthma! This will explain why Allister has had croup like 4 times this winter! Both are closely related and go together.

He gave us a super huge book to read so we can learn all about asthma! Thankfully the management of their asthma should be pretty easy as they don't have allergies. The goal is to go back in 6 months and get a preventative plan for next winter. And providing the boys don't continue to have symptoms we shouldn't need to see the specialist again till then.

It feels good to know we are being preemptive or preventative. Or both!

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