Friday, March 2, 2012

Harrison the big boy.

Here's a little update on our big boy!

The Binky Fairy finally decided to visit!

Hallelujah I hear you say ;)

The only reason the Binky (meaning dummy, or pacifier!) stayed around so long was because of naps. Any time we took it away, Harrison stopped napping. And he SO needed a nap! Now, not so much. He pretty much only naps when he's had a very late or very early morning. Like today! Right now he's asleep because he woke up at 3am and then 5am. But it probably only happens once every week or two. So we figured if he's not napping, we may as well ditch the Binky.

So we had been talking about the Binky Fairy for a very long time! He wanted a Rescue Heroes Fire Truck in return for giving the binky to the Binky fairy. For those who don't know, the Binky Fairy takes the binkys to give to newborn babies who need them! She leaves a gift in return.

So on wednesday February 22nd the Binky fairy came, and we haven't looked back! Harrison was so excited to get his truck, and slept fine that first night. And when he woke up in the morning and got his truck he was shaking with excitement! We had a few tears over the next few days, saying he no longer wanted the truck, but the Binky instead. And when Grammy and Pooh-Bah kindly sent a fun congrats letters and money for ice cream,he said he wanted to give the money to the fairy to get his Binky back lol! So funny. He since changed his mind though and after 3 or 4 days hasn't mentioned the Binky at all! Yay!

Harrison is growing like a weed! He is around 47lb, that's clothed though at his last docs visit. So probably more like 45lb in the buff. And around 43 1/2 " as measured by me! He is fast growing out of his 5T jeans, and wearing 6/7 size shirts, 12 1/2 size shoe. When I look at him now, I wonder where my baby went! He just seems so big!

Some funny things he has said lately....

Me- why are you in the bathroom Harrisons?

H- I'm looking at mY beautiful eyes!

Me- oh. Do I have beautiful eyes too?

H- No you have dark eyes, I can see right through mine!


While I'm changing the bed in his room.

H- I love the smell of clean laundry!


H- what would happen if you had no arms, legs or head?

Me- hahahahahahahahaha


3 1/2 year olds are hilarious!

Harrison has also been in a bit of a no phase lately. Asserting his own will, not in a good way!

He has been saying he doesn't want to come to dinner, go to school, eat breakfast etc etc. In fact a while back he didn't want to go to school so bad he cried for like 2 weeks! I'm glad that's over with.

Harrison has been wearing pull ups at night. And sometimes even soaking them through. He was actually dry at night around 2 1/2 but then regressed, so we went back to pull ups. Being so young we still have plenty of time to get dry. But now Harrison wants to wear underpants to bed, but has only been dry 1 night out of 7. He doesn't tend to wet at night, just doesn't get out of bed first thing in the morning so wakes up soaked. I'm not pushing this either way, he'll be ready when he's ready. And If he wants to wear underpants I'll just do laundry! So be it.

His favorite things lately are pretzels! Soft bread type ones, or yogurt covered ones.

Anything Star Wars especially light sabers!

He has decided he doesn't like PBJ any more, it's too messy. Where did my kid go? Oh and syrup. He shed to love that, kids have funny eating habits, they'll love something and eat it everyday then just decide they don't anymore.

He can spell his name and type it out. He can write some letter, and is getting better at drawing.

He loves to say " I love hot food." weird huh.

He's adorable and challenging at the same time. There are so many things I love about this age. Holding down a conversation with your child is the most amazing thing ever. I never new how intelligent kids were at this age either. I'm amazed at how much he knows and how quick he learns.

He and Allister chat to each other all the time now. Its so sweet to watch.

That's all for now! I still have some super old topics to catch up on, finding time to get them written down is hard. But in September I'll have both boys in pre-school for a total of 7 hours a week. I have this image in my mind that it's all the time in the world, my house will be spotless and organized and I'll have time to do crafts, shop, write and stuff.

Leave me be in my ignorance please :)

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