Monday, March 12, 2012


Allister loves his guys.
He takes them everywhere, and they vary each time. Sometimes its Mater and McQueen. Sometimes A StarWars guy or two. Lately PeterPan and CaptainHook, or CarsToons Mater. We also favor a Knight and a Pirate.
He takes a guy wherever we go. To bed, to the park. To school, to the store. One in each hand, sometimes more. Here's a few recent pictures of his guys at bedtime.

The Cars Characters are a big hit right now, here is just some of our collection!

Allister has a very cute shy side.
Whenever a stranger says hello he'll bury his head and hide. He even does it with us at home or people he knows. This was him hiding from me the other night after bath time.

Notice a guy in his hand!



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