Saturday, March 24, 2012

A weekend in Cinci.

Matt and I decided to run the Cincinnati Heart Mini Marathon last weekend.
Yes I've been running. For around a year now.
Matt ran the half and I ran the 15k. It was very VERY hilly. Especially as Columbus has pretty much zero hills!

Matt came 4th overall (1hr15) and 1st in group.
I didn't. Lol.
I was in the top 50% though so I beat half my group :) and came in 1hr33. I was pretty happy with that!
Here we are after the race.

Allister looking super cute!

Harrison looking super cool.
Some rides at the race expo.

Greaters ice cream!

We saw fencing at the Expo, Allister and Harrison were so excited to see real life sword fighting! I couldn't drag this little guy away.

We also took in a show while away. More on that later.

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