Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Harrison's 4 year update.

Back in June Harrison went for his 4 year check up.

I don't think I blogged about it!

Here are his stats.......

Height 43 3/4 "

Weight 52lb

They didn't measure his head anymore. His BP was 98/48

He's doing everything he should. No problems. He's still a big boy for his age, and off the percentage charts in both height and weight.

He just graduated to his first size 1 shoes!

He is wearing size 6 clothes, but they are getting small! Oh my!

Next year he gets to go to proper Pre-school!

He starts at Dublin City Schools. Bailey Elementry Pre-school peer program. It's a 5 day a week Pre-school and it's 8:45-11:30. Notnsure how we are all going to get out of the house for 8:30 every day!

The peer program is a subsidized system so 50% of the school is for special needs or delayed kids. Some are speech delayed, delayed motor skills, autism spectrum stuff like that.

So Harrison is one of the peers - or average ability kids. They've found it helps both special needs and average ability children to be in a mixed class. And the class sizes are small! 8-10 to a class. I've heard a lot of good things about this program, and it will be a great start for him.

Next year he gets to go to kindergaten.


4 years olds are a lot of fun. Seriously.

He is hilarious and has developed a true sense of humor. He laughs in all the right places in movies, will play a game and understand the rules, he loves to play make believe. Both our boys have awesome imaginations!

He won't eat a sandwich. It's annoying, he decided he doesn't like them.

His favorite colors are blue and green.

His favorite food is Probably soft salted pretzels. And chocolate and candy of course ;0)

He loves super heroes and Harry Potter.

He loves DocMcStuffins, Peppa Pig and Jake and the Netherlands pirates.

He loves to be told stories. Made up -with him staring in them.

He wakes at 6:30 am sharp almost. Every. Single. Day.

We are still learning to sleep dry at night, but we are getting there!

He is >this< Close to being able to swim. He's doing great :)

He loves to snorkel.

He loves to play dress up.

We love our 4 year old!


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