Sunday, October 21, 2012

Allister update.

Allister is 2 1/2! Can you believe it?
It's been awhile since we had an update in the little guy, so here goes.
He loves peanut butter straight from the tub just like daddy.
He also would eat PBJ at every meal if I let him.
Here he is "helping me " make a PB bagel!
The boys both love to dress up.

All day every day they are pirates, knights, magicians, doctors. The works :)

He loves to wrestle with his brother and daddy. And jump on them!

He LOVES his moms day out!

Like really really loves it.

He gets so excited to go, and has a blast. All the teachers adore him, because who wouldn't.

He is enthusiastic about all the art project and songs. It's very cute.

This Guitar is getting lots of use lately. He and Harrison take turns with the mic and guitar!

Some other news.

He still climbs into bed with mummy and daddy about 80% of the time.

He loves to be throw tantrums! Yes the terrible twos have hit :) big time!

He will scream and flay and all sorts, it quite amusing.

He LOVES animals. Especially cats. And always wants to visit Janet's house becasue she has some!

He loves his cuddly toys, his favorites are Ducky, Doggie and Time Out Bear.

If you ask him certain questions he will always answer "NO! My Allister!" this is his standard response for questions like- Are you tired? Are you hungry? Are you grumpy? etc.

He's about 90% potty trained! Yay! He will stay dry about 90% of the time, he just won't ask to go all the time yet. But he will hold it for like 4 hours which is great at his young age. He doesn't always get his number twos in yet either, but he is so close to being done. He's been in big boy pants since about July.

He and Harrison chit and chat all day long! It's so cute to listen to. they play together so sweetly, they do, of course, still fight, but it's not that often.

His favorite food is Peanut Butter. He still loves Pirate everything and loves to play with cars right now too! His favorite book is Llama Llama Mad at Mama. He knows it by heart and we take turns to read lines. His favorite part is when Little Llama get mad, and Allister likes to imitate him.

He's wearing mostly 3T now, but still fits some of his 2T. His shoes are size 9. I think he may be a little shorter than Allister at this age?

Anyhow, there's a little update on Chumble 2.



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