Thursday, October 18, 2012

Teacher Conference.

Tonight I met with Harrisons Pre-school teacher for our first teacher conference.

I have to say, I'm so proud :)

He got a glowing report, and he's come a long way in such a short space of time.

Here are the main points while I remember them.

He is friends with everyone in his class. Makes friends easily and likes everyone equally. This is important in his role as "peer" to treat both average kids and special needs the same.

He is keen to be a leader and thrives in the role.

He listens and follows directions.

He has awesome scissor skills! This is funny to me because his daddy could not cut ;)

He has a huge imagination, loves to do imaginative play, role play, and make up stories. Miss Kellie said he is particularly strong in this area.

They do lots of "tests" every month. These tests are just to gauge progress, and vary. So for example they are asked to write their name, draw a picture of themselves, count things and so on.

His progress in such a short amount of time is astounding to me. He was SO ready for is learning!

The picture he drew of himself changed, from a typical circle body and head, to one with with a square body, which now also had hands a feet. Drawing and writing are an area he needs to work on, so this improvement has been awesome.

He knows all his shapes but struggled with rectangle.

He can count to 13, and recognize numbers to 10. 11 became one and one and so on.

He knew 18 of his alphabet, this was at the beginning of the year and hasn't been retested. I think he would get almost all of them now.

He knew all his colors, and brown and purple where his favorite :) it used to be green!

He can sequence items, he got up to 6.

His letter and name writing have improved hugely! This is one of two areas he needs work on, his fine motor skills have lacked, mostly due to confidence not ability. He can write his name, and is now keep to improve and do better. Before he wouldn't even try, I'm so happy his teachers have been able to build this confidence in him.

The other area that needs help is his independence. Even though he has the ability to put on his own coat, shoes, or do things for himself, he often still asks for help.

I'm trying to remember these things as they come to me so excuse the rambling!

They said he was above average in all areas, about 70%. He will be more than ready for kindergarten!


Were so happy and proud of out baby. He has grown so much, and is the sweetest boy. I'm so glad this school is such a good fit for him, he is growing and prospering in all areas and we couldn't be happier :)



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