Saturday, December 22, 2012

Snowy Days and Santa!

We had our first snow day yesterday :)
While Allister and Daddy where out Christmas shopping Mummy and Harrison had a snowball fight!
I love the first few snow days of the year, especially around Christmas time.
Then I'm done, I'd be happy if it didn't snow again haha!
Guinness LOVES snow too!

Harrison all rosy cheeks from the cold.

He's so handsome!

We're preparing for Christmas around here.
Harrison was helping me make cranberry sauce!

We ventured off to the Columbus Zoo for Wildlights and Santa.

The light show goes to music and is Columbus's version of the Bellagio ;0)

So excited for Santa!
A little apprehensive haha anyone under 3 is not too sure about the man in the white beard!
We're next!

Santa was awesome, we got there early and so he had plenty of time for a good chat and the boys told him exactly what they wanted! Transformer Dinasours!

I wonder how Santa keeps abreast of the latest toys, he seemed a little confused and was like "what dinosaurs?"

I'm site he'll get his elves to figure it out just in time!

We got to decorate cookies and have the worlds sweetest hot chocolate afterward.

The Official photo :)
We love it! And it's so natural.

We splashed out on a new tree this year, we love it!

The presents are all wrapped.

I wonder who's this little stack is?

Were all VERY excited for Christmas!


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