Monday, February 15, 2010

Looks like Baby Brother will be making an early appearance!

Today I had my ultrasound to see how baby brother is growing
and how big he is.
Hes BIG!
They estimated him at 7lb14oz, i still have 5 weeks to go.
I know these ultrasounds can be off, by about 1lb, and they tend to overestimate rather than under estimate. But even at 6lb14oz hes already as big as Harrison was when I delivered.
If I delivered on my due date he can be expected to be an additional 2 1/2lb bigger by then, it could be more due to my GD.
Want to see some cute pics of baby brother?

His profile, see the white fuzz on his head, that's hair.
And the bubble by his mouth is the umbilical cord.
Below is a 3d photo of his face, its not that clear as its hard to get a good picture when your this pregnant! He also has his head down in my, erm, pelvis.

He has the Fisk nose already :)
If you cant make out his features, then i have them detailed below.
Half his face is in shadow.

And this is me and my huge belly.

Looks comfy huh!

So because of babies size my doctor is recommended we induce a week or two early. I would rather not be induced but i don't want a 10lb baby either. I'm trying to think of the positives, it will make everything so much easier to plan! And Auntie Julie gets to schedule her flight around the whole birth.
I got all the newborn and 0-3 month baby clothes out of the basement, but i don't think we will be needing the newborn stuff! I also don't have anything warm for this baby, every item of clothing is shorts or short sleeved, so we will be going shopping for baby clothes. I never got to buy baby clothes for Harrison as we got so many wonderful gifts, so it will be fun to shop!
We also still need a double stroller, bouncy chair and a few other small things.
I'm so glad we got the nursery done! I just need to get all the stuff out of the basement and get it washed and put away, it could be 3 weeks away!

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