Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Such a big boy now :)

Harrison is 20 months old today! He is such a toddler now, hardly a baby at all. Although he'll always be my baby.
The differences in Harrison now compared to just 2 months ago are amazing.
His vocabulary is massive, he understands pretty much anything you say and can repeat it too. Now is the time to watch what you say around him, he repeated a bad word the other day, and I didn't say it! He is saying more and more sentences each day. Mostly 2 words together and then a few 3 and 4 word sentences too. His favorites are - too hot, too big, cook it, watch Thomas, oops oh no, daddies ---, mummy's ---, and anything to do with cars planes and trains!
He is also displaying some behaviors of the terrible twos. Little tantrums here and there and some very unpleasant screaming! There's frustration too when something doesn't work as it should, it's cute to see his little personality develop more and more.
I only have a few short weeks to enjoy Harrison as an only child. Soon there will be a baby brother to tend to. What a mixed blessing that will be in the initial days. I'm sure Harrison will not enjoy every ones lack of attention, and i will be sad to have to share my time between two boys and not be able to focus on only Harrison of baby brother.
However I know that this is the best gift I can give to my first born, a brother to share the joys of childhood with. To play with, fight with, to hug and love, to take the blame or confide with. Siblings truly are a blessing and my hope Is that Harrison and his baby brother love, confide and laugh together as much as I do with my siblings.


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Jules said...

ahhhh that last bit made me cry, you are right that there is nothing better than having a brother or sister, love you xxxx