Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Thomas 'ooom

We had a busy weekend!
Grammy and Pooh-bah came to help us with some decorating. We did baby brothers nursery, the hall and stairs and moved lots of furniture! Everything looks awesome. The nursery photos will be posted once the furniture is in place.
We finally decided it was time to move Harrison to a big boy bed. We have been going back and forth for a very long time. We just couldn't decide if we should move him now, or when baby brother arrived. The only reason we were hesitant was because Harrison was so happy in his crib, he would sit there and play for 30 minutes or more before or after bed and that time is his only down time as he is such an active boy, i didn't want to lose that time!
In the end we decided it would be easier to spend the time on it now, than with a new born or young baby to attend to as well. Thankfully it looks like we made the right decision!
Here is Harrison's new bedroom, which Harrison calls his "Thomas 'ooom"!

This is Matt's old bed from when he was a boy.
Its all Thomas-fied!

He has a great bed rail with places for books and a night light and cup holder.
We still need a valance/bed skirt and to move some furniture around. But the bed looks awesome. We also put Thomas decals on the walls and Harrison is so excited about them!

So here is how the transition went....

When Harrison first went into his new room for nap time, he went crazy! He was shaking from head to toe with excitement at all the Thomas things. It was so cute. He ran up and down his bed and was touching all the Thomas stuff. Needless to say he was too excited to nap. It didn't help that Grammy and Pooh-bah where still here and he didn't want to miss a minute of their company!

When we took Harrison up to bed later that night, again he was very excited! We read him his story, put him in bed and left the room. About a whole 2 seconds later he was up and out of his bed trying the door. About two minutes later he was opening the door. We tried the back to bed technique over and over but found it became too much of a game, as soon as he was back in his bed and we had closed the door he would jump right out and open the door again laughing with his cheeky little face! So we put a childproof cover on his door handle and he soon gave up and went to sleep after playing on the floor with his books. I guess it took about an hour and a half, but he was happy the whole time and it was stress free.

In the morning he slept in till his normal time and played in his room with his books.

Since then hes been doing awesome! He's been taking longer to get to sleep as hes been playing with his books, but other than that there is no difference. In fact today he was so tired, he climbed up on his bed and didn't even want a nap time story, he went straight to sleep!

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