Wednesday, September 16, 2009

15 Months Old!

Another month's a little update.
Harrison is growing like a weed! He will shortly be out of 18 month old clothes and into 24 months.
He is learning new words almost every day now, his latest words are words ending in "k". Instead of satying "Boo" for Book, he now says "Gook". He says "Clock
and "Rock". He also says "more" now when he signs, so I guess he will be dropping the sign language soon and just focusing on the words! I am actually beginning to lose track of them now, at last count he was over 30 words.

Balls are still his favorite toy, closely followed by books and anything to do with animals.
We think we may be down to one nap per day now, with all the visitors its just kind of happened otherwise my guests would never get out of the house! I may just stick with it, he is sleeping longer at night, and then 2/3 hours around lunch time.
He is definitely all BOY BOY BOY! He loves to climb and use Mummy as a climbing frame, giggling and climbing all over me. He doesn't realise his own strength!
We have been using time outs over the last month or two with great effect. Mainly when he touches something or climbs on something dangerous and its been so effective that I cant remember the last time out I had to do! He is finally realising the word no and the consequences of doing something he shouldn't.
He still eats pretty much anything you put in front of him, but LOVES grapes and Spaghetti the best. Oh and hot dogs if I let him eat them, but we keep them as an occasional treat.
He is doing better at not running off, although its still a work in progress. He will hold your hand now, but not all the time.
I thinks that's all for now folks! Its been nice to get a chance to update you all, we have been MIA for a few months.

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