Sunday, September 6, 2009


Poor little Harrison took a big tumble yesterday.
He was climbing (Did I mention he is a climber lol?) on the patio chairs on the screened porch, I am trying to teach him to only sit on them as they rock.
Apparently the rocking is fun.
This makes teaching him to sit on them very hard!
So I was sitting at the kitchen table, repeatedly telling Harrison to "Sit on your bottom!". 2 seconds later and the chair tips over and he flies over the top of it smack onto the floor. Needless to say, there was blood and tears and a very scared Mummy and Daddy :-(
Out came the torch, again, to find the source of the blood. A little bloody nose, a big fat lip, some cuddles and Motrin later he is back to his old self. Apart from the little bruise across his nose! His lip went down in an hour or so.
Lesson learned right, don't climb on chairs?
Only a few hours later he was doing the same thing!

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