Thursday, September 10, 2009

Baby Photos!

Matt and I went to our triple screen scan today, that's where they do an ultrasound and blood test to determine the chances of the baby having a genetic disorder like Downs.
Everything looked ok, and we got some cute baby photos as well.
This baby was moving around like crazy, flipping and turning and waving, so cute!
Here is baby with mouth open, you can see the little nose, ears and chin.
Here is the same photo with notes.

This is the hand and fingers and fore-arm.

The big tummy, legs, feet and that line is the umbilical cord.

This is the head on the right and the belly and legs facing you.

The head is on the left here with the hand near the mouth, then the belly and legs bent.

You can see how much baby was moving, sometimes the legs were bent, and then stretched out, and flipping either way!

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