Monday, April 18, 2011

Accidents happen.....

Boys oh boys.
Some weeks, heck, some days, we have several owies, boo-boos scrapes, scratches and falls.
Allister is at that age where he falls allot, he is trying to reach new heights and attempt things his brother can easily do.

This is the vents of the past few days.

Allister falls in the play-ground while running too fast down hill.
Result: Scraped up bloody nose.
    Allister climbs on a little toddler size chair, falls off flat on his face.
    Result: Bruised cheeks, he looked like he had blusher on in purple! Two little rounds right on his cheek bone!
      Allister falls, randomly when we are not watching.
      Result: Bites his lip, its bleeding.

      Harrison puts his hand on the door frame while getting out of the car seat, and I close the door. (OMG this was so so so close, I feel so so bad when I think of this!!!!!!)
      Thankfully his hand is on the part where the rubber seal meets the window where there is no metal frame, so the glass has some give and the rubber too.
      Result: Lots and lots of tears, and hugs, no bruises or breaks! (Thank God!)

      Harrison pulls the fan down that is in Allister room, on top of himself and Allister.
      Result: Scraped tummy and cheek. No tears on this one!

      Harrison plays with the soap, and gets it all over his hands, in his eyes and everywhere!!!!
      Result: Lots of tears and sore red eyes. And a big lesson that soap is not a toy!

      Allister falls off the chair on the porch.
      Result: Tears and hugs.

      That's all the ones I can remember form the last few days, that resulted in more than just a few tears. Oh apart from this one.......

      Harrison pushed Allister and he face-planted on the carpet:

      Looks worse than it is! I saw the blood and freaked, but it was bath time and so I realized that Allister had a little rug burn, and his scab from his previous fall came off and he had rubbed the blood on himself! It all washed off ;)

      Boys are sent to test our nerves that's for sure!

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