Friday, November 11, 2011

A big boy bed at last.

Allister has been needing to upgrade to a big boy bed for a while. He's been climbing out of his crib since he was about 15 months or so I think. And it's been happening more and more and more.
Then he broke his leg and it slowed him down. Temporarily at least! Even with his cast after 3 weeks he was back to climbing from his crib. Now I don't mind the climbing out, it's the inability to climb back in that causes the problem! For the last few weeks I've been having to lay next to Allister in his crib, on the floor, so he wouldn't climb out. The floor is getting old, and cold. Many nights, and naps, I've fallen asleep on the floor waiting for Allister to go to sleep!
So, we finally dismantled the crib, and converted it to a toddler bed. We made the room a Toy Story room, and tonight, Allister went to sleep right away. In his big boy bed :)
At least now if he gets out of bed he can get himself back in, and I can leave him to his own shenanigans!

Woody! Woody!

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