Monday, November 7, 2011

Trick or treat!

The boys were super heros for Halloween. We didn't get to enjoy all the Halloween festivities this year because we were all so sick, but thankfully we were all well enough for Halloween itself! Poor Allister had to stay in his stroller because of his cast, but we all had a blast still!
It was a beautiful autumn evening, and fairly mild too. Harrison was beyond excited and was fired up, even before the candy. As soon as he was out of that front door he was Mr Personality talking up a storm and asking for extra candy! Every person he saw he was "what are you doing?" "I'm batman! Who ARE you?" over and over and over. It was super fun to watch.

Daddy and I sported super hero T-shirts to complete the super hero family.

The boys costumes were completed by these awesome hand made capes! They are reversible and on the other is are spiderman and the incredibles. I got these hoping that they'd get plenty of dress-up use over the years! They are beautifully made and so super cute.

Next year we will have 2 little boys running around and way too much candy for sure!

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