Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Marathon Matt.

We all travelled to Indianapolis recently so Marathon Matt could run his 14th Marathon! We had an great weekend and Matt's little support crowd was there to cheer him on. Matt ended up with a personal best of 2:40:37. Such a fast time and exactly what he was aiming for. What dedication and fitness it takes to run like that. Most people, including myself, could not even run a mile at that pace, let alone 26.2 of them!

Here he is ready for the off. Other than being a little too cold, the weather was great!

We loved the 8am start! Normally races start of 7am or earlier, so it was nice to be presentable enough to take. Decent photo!

Marathon Matt's support group!

One of them was not up to the job that morning...

The boys ready to cheer daddy on!

At least not until he'd had his Starbucks.

And the long awaited finish line!

Looking fresh as a daisy!

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Jenni said...

Oh my goodness, not to be checking out your hubby's body or anything, but seriously all you would have to do is switch heads and it would be my husband. They have the same freckles, same body build, same muscle mass, etc. Must be a runner thing. But the freckles...that is just amazing coincidence.