Saturday, November 26, 2011

The rest of Indianapolis.

I'm only now getting the chance to write about the rest of our weekend in indianapolis. 
After the Marathon Matt, the boys and I headed to The Indianapolis Childrens Museum. It's apparently the best in the country, and we thought it lived up to its expectation. We didn't get time to see the whole museum, but what we saw was fun, and the boys had a blast. We will go back some day for sure!

The hotel we stayed in was an old train station, trains still ran along side the hotel. Or is that Indside? They were very noisy  and rattle the room like an earthquake, fun in the middle of the night, if your a train  enthusiast maybe! They had converted these old carriages into rooms, but I bet these are super noisy. The working train track runs right behind that wall at the back!

Harrison at the museum pretending to scuba dive. 

This is Harrison standing next to the hat and whip from the  Indiana Jones films.  Starring his namesake Harrison Ford. 

This is Bumble from Transformers. Harrison was in awe of this huge robot! This is an actual model used in the filming. 

Allister riding the train. He was actualy having fun, he was just tired. This is he tired and grumpy look :)

The boys playing in the huge play area, they could have stayed here all day!
The boys in our hotel room in matching knight pj's (thanks Grammy Pooh-bah!)
Playing sweetly together is becoming more and more normal. 
The huge memorial in Indianapolis. The boys thought the "pirates" we're so cool! 

A rare cute photo of the 4 of us. 

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