Thursday, October 13, 2011

Allister update.

We had a follow up appointment on Wednesday with an orthopedic doctor. They said Allister is healing great! There were a couple of things to watch for with a broken tibia Firstly there can be over healing, causing the tibia to grow longer than it should leading to a crooked leg. Apparently this is very common. There is no cure, time is the only healer, and that can take over a year. Let's hope that doesn't happen! Limping will apparently be likely, and for many weeks as the tight muscles learn to relax again. But this is nothing to worry about.
Allister is no longer on any kind of restriction. That's a good job, this boy is now trying to walk on his bent leg cast. Yeah. And climbing like the monkey he is! He has been very very fussy and clingy the last few days, not helped by the fact he now has Croup. I told you we wouldn't escape the ER free from germs! He will barely let me put him down, and even though I like the cuddles, it's tough trying to get stuff done. We have a lot going on in the house right now- another post coming up.
Allister is scheduled for the removal of his cast on November 2nd. That day can not come fast enough! We will have another Xray and make sure all is good.

Please let me know your getting your new blog subscriptions! :) oh and feel free to leave comments, I'm sure the boys will enjoy those in years to come.

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