Thursday, October 13, 2011

This old house.

Were excited that we are finally in a position to get some of the bigger jobs done on our house! And although the process is not fun, i love to see the transformation take place.

Firstly we order a piece of furniture for our living room a while back from Crate and Barrel. It came in damaged, so we had another wait, but it's finally here and it's perfect! It's so warm and welcoming in our living room now, and great to have some storage. Here are some photos, before and after.

Before- an empty space and guinness's dog bed!

after- our beautiful cabinet.

We have also painted our entry hall, and put in this awesome shoe storage from Ikea! This is the entry hall from our garage, but its the one we use all the time. The front door is for royalty ;)
Unfortunately Allister broke his leg mid paint, so the other side is yet to be done! When you come I. From the garage it used to just be an empty old hall, plain and boring. Now it's so nice to come in to a welcoming feel with somewhere to dump your keys and freshen up! And the boys can put their own shoes away too. Bonus!



After. Much better!

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