Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Another ER visit :(

Poor little Allister has broken his tibia. That's the bigger of the two bones in the front of his lower leg, for those who do not remember their biology class.
While I was cooking dinner last night, and daddy had just got home, the boys were playing in the living room. Jumping around and being boys as usual! Next thing I know Allister is on the floor, crying. A very hurt cry. A different cry. My first instinct was he's broken something. It's funny, when your instincts say you need to go to the hospital they are normally right! I'm not sure if Harrison fell on Jim, or if he jumped or fell from the couch. He tries to copy everything his big brother does, and Harrison has a tendency to play rough!
So Daddy Matt and Harrison eat their dinner, while Allister and I venture off to Children's A&E on a monday night. It was PACKED! So many sick kids, if we didn't catch a cold I'll be very surprised!

I saw this rainbow on the way, and there was a beautiful red sky behind me! Its the first rainbow I've seen in many many years!

So we end up at the Children's Urgent care down town hopping to be seen quicker than in the ER. Its in the same building and actually the same waiting area as the plastic surgery clinic where Allister had his surgery a year ago. It was very deja vu!

We wait an hour to be seen, then head off for X-rays. Yup a broken bone :( here is his X-ray. Allister laid as quiet as a mouse and didn't move a muscle through all the X-ray's. He was such an angel! I think he was so tired by that point you could have done anything! The fracture is near the top and starts on the right and goes up and to the left. It's kind of hard to see.

Trouble is we have to then be transferred to ER because they don't cast at urgent care! Crazy but true. So off we head and wait another hour to be seen. Thankfully the casting wait and casting itself was pretty quick, and Allister fell asleep during the casting itself! So funny! By the time we got out of there and home it was midnight. And needless to say we didn't have a great night sleep. Allister slept all morning though, and after a few rounds or ibuprofen is almost back to his happy self this afternoon.

We have a follow up appointment with an orthopedist surgeon next week, and the cast will be on 4-6 weeks. Fun fun fun! I feel so bad for the little guy. Although aft trying to stand a few time, he's getting used to the cast and is sitting happily playing!

Allister spent almost the whole morning like this!

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Jenni said...

Awwwe poor little guy!!! He's going to be so frustrated over the next several weeks as he won't be able to do all the fun stuff he normally does. Because let's face it, kids don't care that they're hurt, they just care about getting back to their playtime and toys. :)