Thursday, October 6, 2011

A little update.

Allister is doing great! Kids are so adaptable.
He had a rough first night, but since then has slept through as normal. Just the odd whimper at night, I'm assuming he's a little uncomfortable. Understandable with that huge contraption on his right leg!

Allister is learning to get around again, and I'm getting great biceps. He is a chunker and "up" has become a favorite phrase. He can now pull up on his one leg and get up on the couch. He's crawling around again, but it doesn't look that easy!

Our neighbors and Harrison are being very sweet while Allister is restricted. They are playing so sweetly with him. We have been trying to get out and do things more immobile! We went to the Library story time for the first time in a while, and it was a lot of fun. We have many many little boys in our neighborhood. There are 6 boys under 4 between just us and the 2 houses behind us. And there are many more!

Harrison is getting on great at Moms Day Out. His teachers, and everyone, have commented on his good manners! He says please and thank you, and excuse me without prompting. In fact the other day I was passing the front desk and Ms Patti said "I was just bragging about your son and his wonderful manners!" it makes me so happy to see I have a polite and friendly little boy :)

There was a little incident at MDO last week, and Harrison got bitten. His friend Carson, who is also a boys boy, and Harrison, were fighting over a toy car. I guess Carson won! His mom was so apologetic, and Harrison and Carson play and get along great normally. I just hope it was a one off!

I still have photos to post of England, I'll catch up soon!

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